This page shows the facilities at A-5 Engineering for design assembly and debug.
About Us
One of the favorite pieces of equipment at A-5
Engineering is our HP4396 Spectrum/Network
Analyzer.  With this instrument we are able to do the
full range of measurements from 100KHz to 1.8GHz
In the model shop we can do fairly complex metal
fabrication.  Tools include a combination milling
machine/lathe, MIG, Oxy/Acetylene, and Arc welding,
two drill presses, and an extensive array of other
power and hand tools.
These next 4 pictures give a panoramic view of the
mechanical and electrical assembly areas.  As you
can see we're not big on store bought benches here.
 Over the years I have found that I can build shelves
and workbenches that will stand up to far more abuse
than anything that I can buy.  The other benefits are
that the cost is usually about 25%-50% of the cost of a
commercial bench, and I find building things to be
relaxing.  I have a rant about engineers, there are
two types.  The first type was born an engineer, this
type gets his kicks from building things.  The second
type was told by his high school guidance counselor
that there would always be a need for engineers, so
he became an engineer and plays golf on the
This is the 11801C Oscilloscope with SD24, and SD14
sampling heads.  The SD24 sampling head has a
20GHz bandwidth, and a high speed pulse generator
that allows it to do differential TDR.  The SD14
sampling head has a 3GHz bandwidth.