A-5 Engineering
About Us
A-5 Engineering is a small engineering consulting firm specializing in video, audio, analog and very
high speed digital design (I actually enjoy working with ECL).  The company was founded in 1985
by Joe Alig, and has until recently operated as a part time business.  Over the years the capabilities
of A-5 Engineering have grown to provide our customers with a very broad range of design
services.  We have the capabilities and facilities to take a project from concept to manufacturing
release.  Over the years we have done many successful projects with other consultants, so any
service that is not available in house can be subcontracted to one of these consultants, or if you
prefer we can work with your in house staff.

One of the questions that is frequently asked is about the name of the company, the FCC identifies
modulation types with a letter/number combination, A-5 is the identifier for video.  A-5 Engineering
originally did design consulting for the video industry.

You can contact us about our consulting services at;

snail mail:            
A-5 Engineering
P.O. Box 119
Boulder Creek, CA 95006

(831) 274-2449